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In 1992, the non-university research institutes merged into the regional network IGAFA (Joint Initiative of Non-University Research Institutes in Adlershof). IGAFA facilitates cooperation among the research institutions as well as with universities and the business sector. Furthermore, it creates synergy through common scientific events, central support for international guests and management of the meeting centers. In 1998, IGAFA became a non-profit registered association (e.V.) under German civil law.

The eleven non-university research institutes in Adlershof employ a total staff of almost 1,800 people, 1.000 of which actively work in science and 180 of which work on their doctoral dissertation.

The annual budget amounts to 176 million Euros (52 million Euros of which in third-party funds) and results in a scientific output of at least 1.016 publications and 504 conference papers. On top of that there are approximately 500 These patents are the basis for the more than 20 spin-offs that have emerged from the IGAFA institutes.

Each year, more than 1,200 scientific guests from all over the world come to the IGAFA institutes for their research, some 150 of them for longer periods of time (more than one month).