Schlatmann, Dr. Rutger

Rutger Schlatmann received his PhD in 1995 at the FOM Institute AMOLF in Amsterdam. He worked for Akzo Nobel Central research afterwards. In 2000, he took a group leader position at Helianthos, where he was made manager of R&D and Quality Control Group in 2002. His research work focused on scientific issues regarding the production of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon. In May 2008, Rutger Schlatman became director of the PVcomB – Competence Centre Thin-Film and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin. PVcomB’s main goal
is to support world wide growth of thin-film photovoltaic technologies and products by providing the needed technology transfer from research institutions such as the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), the Technical University Berlin and other research partners. The structure of PVcomB is unique in its combination of research & development with high-level education and training (see fig.).

At the moment, Rutger Schlatmann and his continuously growing team of scientists and engineers concentrate on establishing the infrastructure of the PVcomB: two dedicated pilot-lines for intermediate size PV modules with an area of 30 x 30 cm are under construction. The first phase of production will turn out silicon thin-film modules, the second part of the research line will produce CIS (copper-indium-gallium-selenide) modules. Another emphasis lies on education and training, which has already started. Together with the universities in Berlin and the region, photovoltaics personnel will be further qualified.

One cause for celebration has been achieved just recently: From the program »Spitzenforschung und Innovationen in den neuen Ländern« (cutting-edge research and innovations in the new federal states and the Berlin Senate) the PVcomB and its partners will receive about 15 million Euro to promote the onset of its work.

Dr. Rutger Schlatmann
Schwarzschildstr. 3
12489 Berlin, Germany
Telefon | Phone: +49 (0)30 6392 5679