Ulm, Dr. Gerhard

Gerhard Ulm, born in 1953, studied physics at Würzburg University. After his graduation he joined the Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt to set up the research field of laser spectroscopy on radionuclids generated after the fusion of heavy ions. With this subject he received a doctorate from Mainz University in 1984. Afterwards he became a research fellow at CERN in Geneva where he worked at the mass separator ISOLDE in a number of joint projects. In 1986 he joined the German National Metrology Institute (PTB) in Berlin, where he was responsible for radiometry with synchrotron radiation, a subject that has remained the focus of his scientific interest ever since.

Synchroton radiation was provided at first by the BESSY I storage ring, then, from 1999, by BESSY II and after 2008 by an additional ring known as Metrology Light Source (MLS) which is owned by PTB and run in cooperation with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Appointed head of laboratory in 1989 and head of department in 1995, Ulm extended the use of synchrotron radiation to reflectometry, scatterometry and spectroscopy. He committed himself to developing and realizing the partly exclusive experimental design of the PTB labs at BESSY II and MLS. Today, PTB is the only national metrology institute worldwide that covers the entire spectral range from THz to hard x-ray.

On 1 January 2010, Ulm was appointed head of division 7 »Temperature and Synchroton Radiation« in which position he is also responsible for all PTB activities in Adlershof. Ulm’s research focuses on metrology with synchrotron radiation of the MLS and BESSY II. Currently, he is investigating the generation and use of coherent radiation in the THz frequency range at MLS (fig.: THz beamline at MLS). Special consideration is given to the characteristic properties of synchrotron radiation in view of topical metrological issues such as nanometrology and microspectroscopy.

Dr. Gerhard Ulm
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