Wernet, Dr. Philippe

Philippe Wernet was born in 1971 in Strasbourg and grew up in Freiburg. He studied physics at the TU Berlin, in Lyon and at the University of Hamburg.  Since his work at HASYLAB (PhD in 2000) he has been using x-ray methods at various synchrotron radiation facilities in Germany and in the USA. He is primarily interested in the investigation of the electronic and geometric structures of matter in areas at the border between physics and chemistry. It is in particular his investigations on the structure of water in its liquid, gaseous, solid and supercritical states which are well respected. Since 2003 Philippe Wernet has been a scientist at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. He is also giving lectures at the TU Berlin and is planning his Habilitation.

In the focus of his research are time-resolved studies in ultrafast x-ray science. He has been using for this the unique opportunities at BESSY II and in particular the proximity of the Max-Born-Institut. In collaboration with different groups he set up sources for ultrashort x-ray pulses and developed and applied time-resolved x-ray methods. Philippe Wernet is using so called pump-probe techniques: Laser pulses with a duration of several 10 femtoseconds are used to excite the sample and spectroscopic tools with ultrashort x-ray pulses are applied to interrogate its state after a well-defined and controllable time delay. By repeating the measurement for various time delays a movie of the evolution of the sample can be recorded in this way. Philippe Wernet is currently using this approach to investigate the ultrafast dynamics of the electronic and geometric structures of molecules. Studying the interplay of nuclear and electron dynamics allows for an unprecedented insight into chemical reactions in real time.

The priciple of laser pump and x-ray probe spectroscopy to study molecules in solution

Dr. rer. nat Philippe Wernet
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